Camp Activities

Hatha Yoga

Each morning we begin with Hatha Yoga as a foundation for a day of fun and learning how to live yoga.
Hatha Yoga will be taught in 2 groups according to age.

7 –9 year olds will enjoy a Nitya Living Kids Hatha class in which we incorporate storytelling, songs, breath, and mindfulness practices.

10 – 13 year olds will enjoy a more traditional Hatha Yoga class with an emphasis on mindfulness practices.
All Hatha classes are taught by a certified Nitya Living kids yoga teacher.

Swami Visits

Meditation is practiced every afternoon along with yoga nidra, deep relaxation, and journaling.
Older campers will also participate in noon meditation, and more advanced self inquiry and journaling activities.
The ashram swamis will also visit to expound on yoga principles.

LOTUS Temple

Each week of camp we will visit the LOTUS Temple to learn about each of the major world religions as well as other known and unknown faiths.

Our daily Kirtan includes songs from world religions as well as traditional Hindi chants.


Each week of camp will have its own unique craft activities like:

  • Mala Bracelets to use in meditation,
  • Love Lanterns
  • Sand Mandalas
  • Drawing
  • and much more!


LOTUS Lake swims, a slow float tubing the James River, a day at Holiday Lake, hikes in the woods, visiting a Medicine Wheel, Puja at Kailash, Karma Yoga at the Yogaville Farm, and walking meditations.

Play & Kirtan

The second week of camp we will be working on a Hindu Mythology Play about the Ganges River that the campers will perform at the ashram Saturday night along with leading Kirtan.

This is a Nitya Living Yoga Camp tradition that everyone loves.